Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) - Atlanta, GA

Job description

We are looking for a meticulous vCIO that will work with clients to provide solutions by developing a detailed understanding of their business and technology needs.


  • Manage client satisfaction to ensure successful ongoing long-term relationship.
  • Maintain a strong/solid relationship with client point of contact plus all other informal and formal decision makers at the client firm.
  • Oversight/management of Issue resolution.
  • Deliver proactive and appropriate infrastructure design upgrades.
  • Close corresponding project proposals to the client that are focused on a stable, secure and productive IT environment.
  • Review and high level technical understanding all aspects of the client’s infrastructure.
  • Present IT solutions aimed at supporting the client in a more productive, secure and stable environment in line with best in class IT practices.
  • Lead options discussions that take client's needs and business into consideration, but that do not jeopardize the IT goals of more secure, stable and productive environment.
  • Work proficiently with colleagues including the network administrator to receive, digest and determine necessary client options.

Skills/Attributes includes:

  • ability to communicate complex IT concepts to non-technical buyers
  • understand IT as a business
  • results oriented
  • great multi-tasker
  • customer focused interpersonal skills
  • strategic and detail oriented
  • outstanding project management skills
  • passion for delivering remarkable customer experience